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Regular Tree Trimming for Healthy Trees

Do you have some trees on your property that need to be trimmed? Are there a lot of fallen branches on the ground? Has it been so long since you last had the trees trimmed? If that is the case, consider having your trees trimmed by a professional such as Elder Tree Service. After all, you can’t just cut the branches of the trees however you want. If you do so, you could end up harming the health of your tree. Take advantage of the tree trimming services that we offer to our clients in West Des Moines, IA and you’ll have healthy and presentable trees on your property.

Why Let Pros Trim Your Trees?

Dependable Tree Trimming in West Des Moines, IAMany people think that trimming the trees themselves can help them save money. While that may be true for those who have experience or training in trimming trees, it is risky for those who want to DIY without any experience. You could end up causing a big wound on the trunk of the tree, and depending on the condition of the tree, this wound can take some time to heal. During this time, it can get infected with pests. You don’t want that to happen. So, if you’re not trained nor equipped in trimming your trees, make sure to entrust the job to a well-versed professional like us instead. We will trim the trees the right way.

Let Us Trim the Trees!

Our tree trimming service will incorporate the right methods as well as the right tools when trimming the branches of your trees. We’ll wear the appropriate gear for the job and prepare the equipment. The tools that we will be using to trim the trees will depend on the size of the branch that we’ll be dealing with. For instance, we use a pair of shears for branches up to 3/4 inches thick. If you have fruit or nut trees, we’ll use a lopper since their branches are about 2 and 1/2 inches thick. And for thicker branches, say between 1 and a half inches up to 5 inches, we’ll use a trimming saw. We will also be making use of the three-cut method when cutting off the branch so that we won’t cause any damage to the tree itself. With the techniques that we will be using, your trees will be properly trimmed and will become healthier in no time!

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Elder Tree Service is your trusted partner when it comes to quick but accurate tree trimming services in the area. Do some of the trees in your property in West Des Moines, IA need to be trimmed as soon as possible? Then you have come to the right place. Give us a call at (515) 236-5856 today so we can get started right away!